Started surgeries by himself from 1979 while he was working as a surgeon at ESI Hospital Ezhukone , then he has conducted more than 3000 surgeries and later while he was working in Yogakshema Hospital , Veliyam he had done more than 4000 surgeries till 1986 , But due to the lack of proper maintenance of records he had excluded those numbers , After 1987 he maintained proper records (government hospitals worked and proper maintenance of records from other hospitals ) and done 27113 major surgeries till June 2012 . He is continuing his surgical career. During his surgical career he has conducted more than I Lakh major and minor surgeries and .His name is recorded in the Limca book of records 2012 for conducting 26394 major poerations between 1987 – 2011 june. Now his records is updated to 27113 till June 2012.This matter is reported to Guinness Book of World records.

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