Dr. N.N Murali was born as the second son of Sri. N.S. Narayanan Potty and Drowpathy Antharganam of Neelamana illam, Thamarakkudi, Kottarakkara , a well known Brahmin family of central Travancore in 1952.Inspiration to join as a medical student came from his grandfather Shambu Namboothiri of ´Mangunathu Madom´ in Veliyam, who was a very famous Ayurvedic physician known as ´Potty vaidyar´ and from his elder uncle and father in law Dr. S. Narayanan Namboothiri. He is married to Lion. Geetha Murali and blessed with two daughters, Dr.Droupady Praveen MBBS and Padmini Krishnan MBBS who were the Kalathilakams in 1990´s. They are married to Dr.Praveen Namboothiri, Nephrologist in Kollam and Dr.Krishnan Namboothiri, Surgeon, Kottayam. He has four grand children .

Family Details

Spouse : Yogavathy Antharganam.

Children : Dr.Drawpathy Praveen,MBBS ,University Kalathilakam 1997 & 1998 Married to Dr.Praveen Nampoothiri, MD;DM(Nephrologist,Kollam) Blessed with one son Sidharth Nampoothiri and one daughter Prarthana Antharganam.

Dr.Padmini Krishnan,MBBS ,State School Kalathilakam 1997 &1998, Kerala University Kalathilakam 2000 Married to Dr.E.P.Krishnan Nampoothiri,MS (Surgeon District Hospital,Kottayam) Blessed with two sons Unnikrishnan Nampoothiri & Muralikrishnan Nampoothiri

Personal Life Album

Personal life album
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